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LEGO organization

I have a death wish: Keep the LEGOs organized. Um, yeah. Right. It all started with “Mommy, will you build the castle?” Someone was out of her mind last year, ahem, when she thought it was a good idea for Santa to bring them a 1,000 piece castle. It’s actually not the building that I […]

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#$*#& resolutions

I hate really don’t like New Year’s resolutions. They never stick. I beat myself up for not doing whatever it was I vowed to do. I had planned on making this a resolution-free year, until my husband brought it up at the dinner table and asked the boys what resolutions we should make. They both […]

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The Holidays at Our House

This is the first year that both boys have truly understood what’s going on at Christmas, both spiritually and secularly. We started them in Sunday School this year, and they know what the holiday is all about. Henry loves looking at the nativity scene on the mantle and pointing out who all the figurines are. […]

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Cookies with Kindergarteners

Every year since I started living on my own, I’ve made and decorated cut-out sugar cookies at Christmastime. Once the boys were old enough to “help,” I carried on the the tradition with them. So, when Jack’s kindergarten teacher sent a note home asking each family to share a holiday tradition with the class, it […]

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The Cat vs. the Christmas Tree

This is our sweet little kitten, Ticky, the day we brought him home this fall:    He was four months old, tiny, curious and very sweet. He loved the boys instantly, and he took a liking to the pillow on my office floor, where he could nap and gaze out the front window. Then, before […]

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Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Two ingredients. Okay, three if you want to mix it up. That’s my kind of recipe. And it’s a great one for using up over-ripe bananas. And, it’s healthy. You can’t beat it, especially during the holidays when we’re overloaded with sugary sweets. Put two cups of oats in a blender and blend until almost […]

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I need some sleep.

I thought night feedings with a newborn were tough. They’re nothing compared to a three-and-a-half-year-old who refuses to stay in his bed. Mama’s got an elf to hide and gifts to wrap and can’t wait around all night for the little booger to nod off. I’m scared. I need you. There are monsters in my […]

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Countdown to Christmas: An Advent Garland

I’ve always wanted a mantle to decorate for Christmas, and this year I got my wish. Last year, I bought the boys a cheap Advent calendar made of clothespins and foam. They loved removing a pin every day in December, so I decided to kick things up a notch with a homemade calendar full of […]

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Turtle Power!

I knew I was in trouble when Jack discovered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Netflix. I don’t understand them any more now than I did when I was a kid, but he and his brother love them. And I knew that’s what he was going to pick as his birthday party theme. Luckily, the […]